Houseboat Dockage Agreement DRAFT

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Houseboat Dockage Agreement DRAFT

DPRA has received significant feedback on the previous revision of this proposed houseboat agreement. The Agency and Suntex have reviewed the feedback and concerns to create a new revision.

Attached is the most recent version, post revisions with the red lined items. DPRA and Suntex are soliciting feedback on this latest revision through August 31, 2020. After August 31, the feedback will be reviewed between DPRA and Suntex to determine if there is any further opportunity to revise the agreement.

The next steps in this process will be determined based on the feedback received. If you would like to submit feedback, please submit via email to: DPRC@TID.ORG

In addition to this notice and email, Private Houseboat Owners should expect to receive a clean version of the agreement via regular postage, without the red lined items.

Additional Download Information:
DRAFT_HB Dockage Agreement_8_17_2020_Redlined


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