Camping At Don Pedro Lake you can choose your favorite way to camp, from primitive camping along the shore (dispersed area camping), to tent camping in a developed camping area (love the hot showers!), to camping with your RV. Read More Read more Camping
Boating Ski boats, bass boats, kayaks/canoes, sailboats, houseboats or personal watercraft… Whatever type boat you have, Don Pedro Lake has lots of room to “float your boat”. Read More Read more Boating
Hiking / Biking Developed trails at Blue Oaks and Moccasin Point offer another way to explore the area. Read More Read more Hiking / Biking
Visitor's Center Unique architecture, information about the recreation, cultural and natural resources of the area, and a great view await the visitor at 10201 Bonds Flat Road, La Grange, CA. Read More Read more Visitor's Center
Sunset at its finest Set in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada, spectacular sunsets are seen as the day gives way to the calm of evening. Read More Read more Sunset at its finest
Come See Nature Experience the thrill of seeing a bald eagle as it plucks a fish from the water or the sound of the night’s silence broken by the call of a coyote. Read More Read more Come See Nature
Watersports Waterskiing, wake-boarding/skating/surfing, tubing, kneeboarding and more, the various arms of the lake offer just the right water for the activity in which you prefer to take part. Read More Read more Watersports
Fishing Multiple species of bass, salmon, trout, crappie, catfish, and other pan fish call Don Pedro Lake their home. Come catch your preference! Read More Read more Fishing
The Lake 160 miles of shoreline encompass the 13,000 surface acres when the lake is full. Launch ramps offering access to the lake are available in the three developed recreation areas: Blue Oaks, Fleming Meadows and Moccasin Point. Read More Read more The Lake

Welcome to Don Pedro Lake!

News & Announcements

Improved launching for all vessels including large, deep hulled boats is available at Fleming Meadows and an unimproved launch area for shallow hulled vessels is now open for use at Moccasin Point!
***Low Water Operations Update***
The Moccasin Point Recreation Area campground is open, but due to water levels, the Moccasin Point boat launch ramp is now closed. Barring unforeseen circumstances, an alternate launch ramp at Moccasin Point that will accommodate shallow draft vessels should be ready in the next week. Check back for updates on its status. Don't forget that the boat launch ramp at Fleming Meadows Recreation Area at the west end of the lake remains fully operational.
**Low Water Update**

The Blue Oaks boat launch ramp is no longer available for boat launching. Please use the Fleming Meadows Recreation Area boat launch that is located at 11500 Bonds Flat Road. The Moccasin Point boat launch ramp is also in service. Don Pedro Lake still has plenty of water for all of your water activities.  Check out the webcam on our homepage.  REMINDER: There will not be a Fourth of July Fireworks show this year at Don Pedro Lake.

Independence Day Holiday Weekend
The Holiday weekend is fast approaching and Don Pedro Lake still has several campsites available in the Blue Oaks Campground. Call today to make your camping reservation or reserve on-line.
***Lake Level Update***
All three launch ramps are still in use at Don Pedro Lake! The most recent water level projections show that the Blue Oaks launch ramp will still be available for use until the end of June. The Moccasin Point launch ramp will still be in use through the July 4th weekend. Fleming Meadows will still have 5 lanes of launching through mid August before it reduces to 2 lanes! Please remember the following changes because of the low water levels: *There will not be a Fourth of July fireworks show this year.
•FLEMING MEADOWS boat launch ramp projected to be open all year but will reduce from 5 lanes to 2 lanes in mid-July. •BLUE OAKS camping areas “B”, “C”, and “D” will be open only on holiday weekends. Boat launch ramp closure projected for mid to late-June. •MOCCASIN POINT camping areas “D” and “E” closed for 2014. Boat launch ramp closure projected for late-June early July. Alternate unimproved launching may be available for smaller watercraft after ramp closure. •FIREWORKS SHOW for the July 4th holiday will not take place in 2014.

Moccasin Point Marina (MPM) will be closing its water based operations on June 9th due to projected low water levels this year. Starting June 14th Moccasin Point Marina will have a land based store open across from the storage units. Store hours will be 8:00am-4:30pm Thursday thru Monday. Fuel will NOT be available at Moccasin Point after June 9th.

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"Don Pedro" was actually a mid-1800’s land owner of French descent, named Pierre Sainsevain. He was known as Don Pedro by the Mexicans in the area. The land he owned along the Tuolumne River included Don Pedro Bar which is now inundated by Don Pedro Lake.